OneWorldHealth Is Developing New Medicines to Benefit Global Health

OneWorldHealth Is Developing New Medicines to Benefit Global Health 2017-12-12T11:33:34+00:00

Did you know that a lot of promising medications aren’t developed because they lack viable markets? OneWorldHealth is a non-profit organization which is embracing new drug opportunities and taking on the responsibility of bringing the most beneficial new medications to people all over the world.

Nonprofit Drug Development Is Important

When it comes to bringing new medications to the marketplace, for the sake of human need, rather than profit, there are complications. There is a chasm between human need, scientific endeavor and the modern marketplace. This non-profit organization wants to bridge the chasm, for the good of the world population in general, and developing countries in particular. The team at OneWorldHealth have devised a non-profit model which will allow for outcomes that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

OneHealthWorld is committed to partnering and collaborating, with a mind to capitalizing on the particular abilities and resources that each person may bring to this global initiative.

It’s all about making new opportunities. OneWorldHealth is here to function as a catalyst for brand-new drug development.

Right now, the biotech and pharma industries are the biggest global sources for leads related to new drugs. It’s not possible to develop new drugs without the participation of biotech and pharma industries. For this reason, the OneWorldHealth team has come up with an innovative and practical model which will offer advantages to industry and also strengthen industry’s commitment to improving health all over the world.

Via the non-profit model, OneWorldHealth will function as a partner for global development and take on the responsibility for markets in nations which are the least developed (dual market opportunities).


As well, OneWorldHealth will obtain funding from governments and private foundations, in order to cover the price of development of new drugs which will be marketed within a developing country or countries. In addition, the non-profit will provide expertise related to international regulations, in order to boost the amount of nations which have access to new and important medications.

Another facet of OneWorldHealth’s services is providing tax deductions based on anticipated future value of intellectual property which is donated. This includes patents and licenses. OneWorldHealth is classified as an American 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

In addition, the non-profit will take responsibility for the study of sub-patient populations which are challenging and which might otherwise be overlooked. Babies and pregnant women are two examples of sub-patient populations.

OneWorldHealth is committed to creating viable paths for drugs which are off-patent, which might be not be pursued for new usages.

Information For Academia and Government

Government and university researchers often find brilliant new leads which relate to tropical infectious diseases. However, these types of researchers are often discouraged by the scant outlets available for the advancement of their research. In other words, it’s hard for these researchers to move their research into the development phase. OneWorldHealth will act as a bridge between researchers and industry. For example, OneWorldHealth may advocate for access to important industry resources, including particular assay agents and chemical libraries.

Facts for Developing World Partners

The developing world is much more than a beneficiary. It’s also a great resource which is sometimes disregarded during the process of developing new medications. OneWorldHealth will work alongside partners in developing nations in pharma manufacturing, clinical trials and new medicine distribution for diseases which are neglected.