New iOWH and Novartis Partners Will Help to Treat Secretory Diarrhea

New iOWH and Novartis Partners Will Help to Treat Secretory Diarrhea 2017-12-08T12:57:35+00:00

The Institute for One World Health (iOWH) has entered into a new partnership with Novartis. Novartis is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and its headquarters are located in Basel, Switzerland. This new collaboration agreement was recently signed and it’s designed to spearhead the discovery and development of novel therapies for treating a deadly disease known as secretory diarrhea, which, sadly, causes the deaths of more than 1.6 million kids in developing nations annually.


Details Of The New Agreement

This new partnership will give iOWH the capacity to choose drug candidates which are promising and which are ready to be tested pre-clinically. The drugs will be sourced out via the research pipelines that OneWorldHealth currently has in place. The Novartis Institutues for BioMedical Research has partnered with OneWorldHealth in order to find medications which will effectively treat diarrhea of the infectious type, through the inhibiting of the transmembrane conductance regulation chloride channel for Cystic Fibrosis.

Novartis Is a Leader in Cystic Fibrosis Research

Novartis researchers are renowned for their comprehensive work in the field of Cystic Fibrosis treatment. Scientists from the pharmaceutical company have discovered important facts about CFTR function and structure and these scientific discoveries will be utilized in order to create a treatment for secretory diarrhea which is a CFTR inhibitor.

iOWH Also Partners with Roche

During spring of 2008, OneWorldHealth began to collaborate with Roche (a Swiss multi-national healthcare firm with global reach). The collaboration allowed iOWH to screen more then seven hundred and eighty thousand medications from the compound library at Roche, with a mind to isolating a possible new drug which will treat diseases that are diarrheal.

In May of 2009, OneWorldHealth let the public know that it’s successfully finished the screening process and is preparing to choose up to forty new medication leads for more study (which is intended to find a new treatment for diarrhea in children).

These new collaborations bring new hope to children in developing countries, who are at high risk of death due to diarrheal diseases. iOWH uses a non-profit business model in order to partner with industry and bring promising new drugs to market in developing nations. The non-profit model is designed to give benefit to industry.

OneWorldHealth facilitates the development of new drugs for the world’s neediest children, through partnerships, tax deductions and assistance to industry, academic and government researchers and developing nation partners. One day, these new collaborations may make deaths from childhood diarrhea a thing of the past.