Supporting Partners and Initiatives

Supporting Partners and Initiatives 2017-12-12T12:37:36+00:00

Working together with partners all over the world, including some of the most influential organizations in the world of pharmaceuticals, medicine, and medical research, OneWorld Health has been able to raise the awareness of neglected diseases throughout the developing world – and has even helped to establish new medical interventions and protocols designed to save the lives of millions.

Some of the work that this organization has conducted has already helped to save the lives of hundreds of thousands, especially young children and infants living in the developed world. A number of the OneWorld Health protocols are designed to fight back against often overlooked diarrheal diseases that claim the lives of more people each year than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.

And though the work conducted by OneWorld Health is never truly over (and may never be able), they continue to fight back against these insidious conditions to give everyone around the world the opportunity to lead that happy and healthy lifestyle they deserve.

By choosing to shop and donate with our partners and our partner initiatives, you are going to be able to improve the results produced by OneWorld Health and the partners that they are working with around-the-clock and around the world. These opportunities to purchase products that you may have ordered elsewhere give you the opportunity to get your hands on often times discounted merchandise while donating a portion of the proceeds of those sales directly to the OneWorld Health organization.

This funding is going to be directed towards a number of medicine and research projects, and all of these donations are going to help improve the lives of those living in circumstances that are far more unfortunate than our own.

Recently, OneWorld Health has teamed up with the Flip Video company – makers of America’s favorite and truly best-selling camcorder – to announce a new deal and discount offer that allows anyone to purchase these compact and straightforward video recorders while donating proceeds from the sales directly to the OneWorld Health organization.


Purchases can be made directly on the The website, and all of these camcorders will feature exclusive designs not available anywhere else, designs that reflect the kind of future that the one World Health Organization hopes to create. Each and every sale will help to fund impactful and much needed medical research and medical interventions, giving you the opportunity to help save lives all over the world by purchasing something really cool, really fun, and very exclusive.

OneWorld Health designed flip video camcorders

Aiming 2.1 million camcorders into the hands of those leading nonprofit organization, this particular partnership has been incredibly effective over the last few years. This is one of the biggest partnerships that the OneWorld Health organization has established, and it’s one that has paid off significantly over the years.

Pandora Jewelry OneWorld Health charm offers

Another of the more successful partnerships has been the one with PANDORA Jewelry, where both groups came together to create an incredibly beautiful and iconic charm for the popular PANDORA bracelet, with a portion of those sales going directly to medical research as well.

Slum dog Million partnership

One of the most moving movies produced in the last 20 years or so, this Academy award-winning film has helped to raise awareness about diseases that strike those living in urban poverty, and this unique partnership allows OneWorld Health to capitalize on the amazing and impactful publicity that this film has helped to generate while at the same time furthering causes supported by the one World Health Organization.

Other partnerships have been just as important and just as impactful as these, and OneWorld Health is always looking for new partners to help bring advanced medical solutions to the developed world.