OneWorld Health Board of Directors Welcomes William Haseltine

OneWorld Health Board of Directors Welcomes William Haseltine 2017-12-08T13:46:09+00:00

A new and distinguished member, William Haseltine, has been added to the Board of Directors at OneWorld Health. He used to be the CEO and Chairman of Human Genome Sciences. OneWorld Health is a non-profit organization which spearheads the development of new pharmaceuticals for developing nations.

In San Francisco, USA, an announcement about the new appointment of Haseltine was made. He is a worthy board member due to his work on projects which make it easier to understand a range of diseases. including cancer and HIV/AIDS. In addition, he founded Human Genome Sciences, Inc. and acted as its chief executive officer and chairman from 1993 to fall of 2004.

The Board of Directors is very pleased to welcome him. It respects his far-reaching accomplishments in the fields of business and science, along with his myriad humanitarian pursuits. Since he’s dedicated to social justice, be brings the right mindset, skills and experience to OneWorld Health.

He Is a Groundbreaking AIDS Researcher

During the early part of the 80s, William Haseline, who is a doctor, did ground-breaking AIDS research. In addition, he raised funds and lobbied to help those with the disease, at a time when many people didn’t want to be associated with this worthy cause. Through his research, lobbying and fundraising, he showed a devotion to social justice all through his career. This includes more recent work to help organizations through his own public service. For example, he has helped to showcase a range of issues, including technology, public policy and world economic growth, with the overarching goal of constructing a national health museum in America’s capital city, Washington, D.C.


What Does OneWorld Health Do?

This non-profit has established a business model which enables some of the poorest people on the planet to get new medical treatments that are available in developed nations, but are hard to access in developing nations. Dr. Haseltine believes that modern medicine offers great potential and he’s thrilled to be a part of OneWorld Health. The organization’s mandate to deliver treatments which are affordable to those who need them most is in keeping with his own values.

Dr. William Haseltine Has Many Credentials

William Haseltine got an undergrad degree (physical chemistry) via The University of California (Berkeley) and then earned a Ph.D via Harvard (biophysics). After this, he went on to a postdoctoral fellowship via the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Cancer Research. He worked as a professor at the medical school at Harvard (and the Harvard School of Public Health) for nineteen years. Right now, he’s a member of a range of editorial boards and he’s published hundreds of reports, as well as many monographs and books. As well, he is credited as editor for 7 publications. He also holds more than fifty patents.

The addition of Dr. William Haseltine is a promising development for OneWorld Health. He has the right ideals, as well as decades of medical and business experience. He will help OneWorld Health to achieve its goal, which is giving people in developing nations access to the new medications that they need.