Dr. Ponni Subbiah – Bio

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Dr. Ponni Subbiah leads the global program at OneWorldHealth. OneWorldHealth is a drug development affiliate for the global health organization known as PATH. Before becoming leader of the PATH  drug development affiliate program, she worked at big pharma company, Pfizer Inc., where she held the position of Vice President of Global Access for the Emerging Markets Business Unit.

While performing this important position, she spearheaded the firm’s global access strategy and liaised with a range of partners in the private and public sectors. Notable examples include The Clinton Foundation and Grameen. Her goal was to develop innovative ways to expand access to vital drugs and health care services.

During her long career at Pfizer, Inc., she held a range of positions, including Vice President of Global Medical Affairs (Urology/Respiratory Group) and Vice President, US Medical Affairs (Arthritis, Pain, Metabolic and Neuroscience Groups). Her duties included providing strategic planning for medical management and clinical research, for a variety of medications. As well, she acted as a medical spokeswoman for the big pharma company, for high-profile public events and important media communications.


Educational Background and Achievements

Dr. Ponni Subbiah got a medical degree from India’s Madras Medical College and then earned an MPH (Master of Public Health) via John Hopkins University, which is located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She went on to complete an internship and residencies at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine (Rochester, Minnesota) and Howard University Hospital (Washington, DC).

Before being hired at Pfizer, she was employed as a neurologist in a variety of Fresno, California facilities.

During her time with Pfizer, she worked as a Global Health Fellow for the pharmaceutical company, which encompassed providing education and care to patients at Uganda’s Mulago Hospital.. In addition, she volunteered in a host of settings. For example, she worked with people who are HIV-positive, as well as orphans with AIDS, while volunteering in Uganda.

The impact of these experiences prompted Dr. Subbiah to devote her career to improving access to drugs and health care in populations which are currently under-served. Her commitment to helping people in developing nations is commendable. Her new role at OneWorldHealth is the next step on a journey towards helping people in the Third World to get the drugs and health care services that they require.

Dr. Subbiah is a recipient of the Asian Women in Business Corporate Leadership Award. She’s also received the Pfizer NY Site Change Agent Award and the Pfizer W.E. Upjohn Award (for community service).