Roche and the Institute for OneWorld Health announce research collaboration to fight neglected diarrheal diseases

Roche and the Institute for OneWorld Health announce research collaboration to fight neglected diarrheal diseases 2017-12-12T12:30:00+00:00

According to information coming out of San Francisco, both Roche and the Institute for OneWorld Health are collaborating with one another to produce a variety of new medical innovations, research solutions, and treatment protocols designed to help improve the well-being of those suffering from diarrheal diseases that are often overlooked – diarrheal diseases that kill approximately 2 million children under the age of five years old in developing countries all over the world every single year.

Certainly one of the most often overlooked dangers to world health, diarrheal diseases claim the lives of 2 million young children each and every year – and research conducted by Roche and the Institute for OneWorld Health both agree that these numbers are only going to continue to get higher and higher unless effective antidiarrheal solutions and medical interventions that treat the root cause and not just the symptoms of these problems are established.

Unbelievably, these diseases continue to fly under the radar even though the pediatric death toll stemming from these diarrheal diseases exceeds that of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria – combined!

We are talking about a true to life worldwide health epidemic here that is going ignored by the overwhelming majority of the medical community, and without forward thinking initiatives like the collaboration between Roche and the Institute for OneWorld Health, the odds are good that these children will continue to lead lives of desperation, waiting for these insidious diseases to rob them of their future.

In partnership together, these organizations hope to further improve antidiarrheal solutions that reduce fluid loss stemming from diary while at the same time preventing dehydration. Dehydration is the number one cause of death when dealing with diarrheal diseases, and if this new innovation can “trap” fluids in the body while fighting against diarrhea at the same time millions of lives can be saved.

This treatment protocol that Roche and the Institute of OneWorld Health are looking to improve upon has already been live tested in areas of the developing world, and the best results have been shown when this new treatment protocol is combined with Oral Rehydration Therapy and zinc supplements.


Thousands of lives – the lives of young infants and children – have been saved by these approaches already, but these two organizations need further research and further funding to improve these results so that they can be rolled out on a more widespread scale.

According to the Head of Global Research at Roche Pharmaceuticals, the collaboration between these two organizations has already shown a fantastic level of results – and every day new breakthroughs are improving the medical interventions and solutions used to fight back against these conditions.

The Institute for OneWorld Health is a nonprofit pharmaceutical company aimed at designing and developing safe, effective, and affordable new medical interventions for people living with infectious diseases throughout the developing world.

The developing world has lagged far behind the first world as far as medical interventions are concerned, and every day millions are dealing with debilitating conditions and diseases that have been otherwise eradicated in the developed world. Major new initiatives, including this one, are designed to bring clean water, new medicine, and improved health and wellness solutions to the developed world, providing them with a more streamlined, efficient, and successful array of health and medicine choices that they can use to lead the kind of happy and healthy lifestyle we all deserve.

A new grant (good for $46 million) from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has helped to spur on new development of these treatments and protocols, and the Institute for OneWorld Health and Roche are hoping to inspire other organizations to move forward with similar initiatives as well.