OneWorld Health Has Successfully Collaborated to Battle Diarrheal Diseases in Developing Nations

OneWorld Health Has Successfully Collaborated to Battle Diarrheal Diseases in Developing Nations 2017-12-08T14:06:34+00:00

The Institute for OneWorld Health has announced a successful partnership which is helping to fight neglected diseases of the diarrheal type within developing nations.

OneWorld Health is an American non-profit pharma firm which develops new medications for those who have neglected diseases that are infectious. OneWorldHealth focuses on delivering new drugs to members of developing countries. Recently, the non-profit announced that it’s successfully finished its initial screening process, which involved screening for possible new drugs via Roche’s exclusive library of compounds. Now that screening is complete, the Institute for OneWorld Health will choose up to forty new medications to study further, with the goal of identifying the best new treatment for diarrhea in kids.

Roche is a multi-national big pharma company and it’s located in Basel, Switzerland. Known as a world leader in global research, Roche is the ideal partner for OneWorld Health. The research collaboration between both companies began back in 2008. The collaboration is designed to battle neglected diseases in kids (diarrheal diseases). Right now, two million kids aged five or younger die due to these diseases in developing nations.

Public/Private Partnerships Get Results

According to OneWorld Health’s CEO, Dr. Richard Chin, the work with Roche is an example of how innovative partnerships may pay off by saving the lives of kids. The world is banding together in order to battle childhood diarrheal diseases. Many nations and companies have been working towards a common UN Millenium Development Goal of decreasing the child mortality level by seventy-five percent by 2015.

OneWorld is a coalition member and the coalition consists of over seventy-five organizations. The coalition wants to reduce pediatric diarrheal deaths which are needless. The coalition released a couple of important reports which outlined the strategies and resources needed in order to stop the needless deaths, via a forum which was held in the nation’s capital. The forum was overseen by WaterAid America and PATH.

Examples of diarrheal diseases include shigellosis, cholera and rotavirus. They are the number two killer of kids five years of age or younger within the developing world. OneWorld Health is partnering with other companies and researchers in order to create new drugs which are anti-secretory diarrheal medications.

These drugs will decrease fluid loss and help to prevent fatalities. Dehydration from watery diarrhea is a leading cause of death and it may well be preventable in the future, thanks to efforts from OneWorld Health and others. New treatments will be intended for usage alongside zinc and oral rehydration therapy. Babies and children may be saved via the new treatment plans.

OneWorld Health asked BioFocus DPI to do screening (high-throughput) of over seven hundred and eighty thousand molecules, which are found in the compound library at Roche. OneWorld Health wants leads which may positively impact its program for improving outcomes for diarrheal diseases. OneWorld Health will move forward by assembling a portfolio of medication candidates which address a host of diarrheal disease aspects.


More Facts About OneWorld Health

This Institute is American and it’s the first American non-profit pharma firm. It develops affordable, effective and safe medications for those who have infectious diseases and live in the third world. The company is based in San Francisco and it has tax-exempt status, as a 501 (c) (3) US corporation.

More Facts About Roche

Roche is a Swiss company which is a leader in healthcare that is research-centered. It’s equally strong in two areas, which are diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Roche is a big biotech firm. In fact, it’s the world’s biggest. It’s created singular medications for CNS, metabolism, virology and oncology. As well, it’s world-renowned for is diagnostics acumen.

BioFocus DPI Facts

This company wants to enlarge drug pipelines for its partners by speeding up the discovery process, from gene to candidate. This will occur through a detailed platform for discovery, which features “target” discovery within primary human cells. As well, it will include diverse libraries of compounds, as well as cell-based and in-vitro screening and a range of other processes. BioFocus currently employs two hundred and fifty staff members in 4 nations all over the world.

OneWorld Health is Getting Results

By actively seeking out partners who will help to combat neglected diarrheal childhood diseases within developing nations, OneWorld Health is creating powerful and beneficial collaborations. OneWorld Health is unique in that it’s a pharma company that isn’t in business to make money. It partners with industry in a way that is beneficial to industry and also seeks out partners who are academic or government researchers. As well, it partners with companies in developing nations. A lot of collaboration is needed in order to manufacture new medications which stop diarrhea-related deaths in third world nations. Clearly, the team at OneWorld Health is up to the challenge.

In the future, deaths of children from these sorts of diseases may be prevented. OneWorld Health believes that children in developing countries deserve the same standard of medical care that they would receive if they grew up in developing nations.