The Institute for OneWorld Health announces breakthrough in global fight against malaria

The Institute for OneWorld Health announces breakthrough in global fight against malaria 2017-12-12T12:48:38+00:00

The Institute for OneWorld Health has been fighting the good fight against diseases and deadly conditions in the developed world for quite a while now, and thanks to some incredible funding, amazing partnerships, and major breakthroughs, they have been able to help save the lives of millions throughout the developed world and provide many of the people in these areas with an opportunity to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle than they ever would have before.

Constantly looking for new ways to improve the lives of the developing world, which sometimes feels as though it has been left behind by the developed world – especially when it comes to medicine – the Institute for OneWorld Health has been especially active at fighting against diseases and conditions that target the young, especially underreported and often overlooked diseases (like diarrheal diseases) that claimed the lives of millions every year.

Malaria is a major focus for this organization (as it is for a number of other major health organizations around the world), and while traditional interventions and solutions – like mosquito netting, for example – have made a huge impact on the overall lives and well-being of those living in malaria infested areas, new breakthroughs have been relatively uncommon when it comes to eradicating this deadly disease once and for all.

According to new research coming out of the Institute for OneWorld Health, however, this organization has produced an alternative source of artemisinin through synthetic biology technology designed to rapidly produce affective malaria treatment protocols in a way that just wasn’t possible in the past.

A 100% nonprofit drug development organization and pharmaceutical operation based out of San Francisco in the United States, the Institute for OneWorld Health has been partnering with a number of other organizations around the world to fight back against malaria wherever it is found around the world.

Each and every year, more than 220 million people are infected with malaria, and every single year more than 1 million people die from this disease – and the majority of that 1 million is made up of young children and pregnant women throughout the developing world.


This new product utilizing synthetic ingredients is designed to provide the exact same kind of solution that the traditional (and seasonal) all-natural ingredients did, helping to provide for a more affordable and efficient system to fight back against malaria once and for all.

This new medical intervention is being developed in conjunction with a number of public and private partnerships, including partnerships with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies around the world that have been designing and developing drugs to fight back against malaria for decades

On top of that, the Institute for OneWorld Health has been provided with a major grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and in collaboration with a host of technology companies and pharmaceutical companies (not just in the San Francisco area, but throughout the rest of the US and all over the world, really), this new synthetic drug is primed for release in the developed world and should help to improve the lives of millions over the next few years.

The project has not yet been tested on a wide scale basis, but early test results are very positive and are showing great promise. Other organizations are starting to get in on the action as well with a number of pharmaceutical companies offering to help test these protocols to provide for as affordable a antimalarial solution as possible – designed at improving the lives of those throughout the developing world.

Hopefully one day malaria can be eliminated once and for all, and if it is OneWorld Health will have done a lot of work to make that possible.